Happy intentional accidents ........ right? by Jeff Edwards

The addition of carbon to these works was a happy, but somewhat intentional accident. As it came from a compound I have been using on previous works for years ..... it is lucky that a 4x5" flame ball wasn't created in the end though ....
A portion of an image from a 4x5" b&w negative exposed to earth, water, carbon and fire (micro explosions)

Fire, Ink, Earth, alch001 sample 2.jpg

Carbon? by Jeff Edwards

So in continuation of the experimental nature of this body of work we have this.
A portion of an image from a 4x5" b&w negative exposed to earth, water, carbon and fire (micro explosions) ..... nice ....

Fire, Ink, Earth, alch001 sample 1.jpg

Sometimes ..... by Jeff Edwards

Sometimes you end up spending so much time on your social media presence, submissions and writing that you completely forget to post small updates on your own page!

So here we go a small taste of a much larger print from a 4x5” B&W Negative exposed to smoke and fire (micro explosions)

Jeff Edwards Smoke and Fire.jpg

Lost memory Lane #2 by Jeff Edwards

One last image from lost memory lane. Fun remembering now actually taking these. However I think I need to start working out if I am going to lug that beast of an 8x10 camera kit around again!
8x10" Colour Positive Film
St Peters Seminary - Cardross - 2010ish

Jeff Edwards Photography Cardross 3.jpg

Forgotten Film by Jeff Edwards

Came across a few boxes of 8x10" Colour Positive film today while going through some stuff I had forgotten about. So I went into an old hard drive and found the scans, not great but not bad. I always liked this bit of graffiti at St Peters Seminary. Will be long gone by now since this was taken prob 2010 ish and no clue who the artist was.

Jeff Edwards Photography Cardross 4.jpg

May she fade into the swamp by Jeff Edwards

Hand altered 4x5" colour negative

The pain in the arse part of doing political work in the current climate is most of the time when I finish a piece the politician has either quit or been fired ...... but not this one! Betsy Devos secretary of education who is terribly unqualified and I wouldn't trust with my daughters play-doh scissors let alone her education.

Betsy Devo002.jpg

Goodbye 2018 by Jeff Edwards

Last post of 2018! Its been a great year and I have made some amazing breakthroughs. Plus I have started the work for some great things in 2019 and 2020! Thank you everyone for your support!
This is a new 4x5" Negative created by exposing it with micro explosions and smoke.

Smoke and Fire 2018007.jpg

Blasting out some new and old work! by Jeff Edwards

Have had some serious break throughs with the black and white work over the week. Looking forward to seeing them on the screen as the negatives look insane! 
Anyways here is one from another body of work, it rly makes me think of the baby masked torturers from the film "Brazil". Which is oddly appropriate for this particular fiend.

Jeff Edwards faulty mask.jpg

Large Format by Jeff Edwards

So one of the great things about working with large format film, in my case 4x5" is that I can make the images big. With the series I am working on now the larger ones will be over 150cm. Not just to have a huge print but so that small details will really stand on there own .... like this.


peak 2.jpg

Sneak Peak by Jeff Edwards

Here is a sneak peak at work in progress! This image (and those to follow) will go along with the Ice Negatives and involves concepts of created landscapes, worlds, environments and works with uncontrollable abstraction. This is created from a 4x5" b&w film negative...... knew I would get tiny explosions to work with film someday ;)